The BLAG Black Label My Definition piece now available as a t-shirt and super comfy jumper aka sweater

Art and design for Sarah J. Edwards, Sally A. Edwards and Tom Hardy

Limited edition and ready to order here

Our treats this week too are:

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We’re selecting from one order to make another very special piece to send that only Sarah, Tom and Sally will have too.

AND, we’re randomly picking from 10 more orders to create a personalised code for future use on

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Love it!!!



All Knights Spring 2014 Collection by Sarah J. Edwards, Tom Hardy & Sally A. Edwards

Limited Edition pieces include:

Premium | Team BLAG Crew Neck Sweater

Dark Arts Grey Crew Neck & White V-Neck

Order here

All paintings by Tom. Look out for all our creative collaborations on the store

I WANT TO WORK WITH THESE AMAZING WOMAN!! Oh and TOM HARDY!! Someone find me and application!!!!!!!